Hello! I’m Claudia 😃
You may be here looking for different answers, so I guess the best is to split my story to let you easily find what you are looking for.

What’s Lovers Love Loving?

Lovers Love Loving is a bespoke design studio for engaged couples who want to live an unforgettable experience planning their weddings.
Here is were any idea and dream can come true.
Although you can find some of my designs ready to print in my online store, what makes Lovers Love Loving unique and different from any other company is that I’ll treat your wedding as it is: a one of a kind experience to share your love and happiness with your best friends and family.
That’s why I’ll never say no to any idea, and the more unique the best for me. I love my work and I enjoy it with all my heart.
I personally take care of everything: from hand painting with watercolors to cutting and folding any detail, to have a 100% personalized result made specially for you.

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If you are a wedding supplier and want to work with me, feel free to email claudia@loversloveloving.com or tag @loversloveloving in instagram.

Who is behind Lovers Love Loving?

 claudia orengo diseño boda ibiza
I’m a graphic designer and watercolor artist passionate about creating new things.
Lovers Love Loving allows me to personally connect with every couple and combine our excitement and passion together to create amazing results for their wedding stationery.
My friends say I’m a passionate but I prefer to call me a “lover”. I am a love addict. I   L O V E being in love and I wish everyone can be in love like I am. I want to spread love, so that’s why I put all my heart in every wedding to make it unforgettable for you and for your guests.

What’s my background?

I was born in Barcelona and since I’m a kid my mind has never stop creating. I studied graphic design in Barcelona and Denmark, and after working for different studios and companies I decided to quit my job and focus on helping small businesses with design and website development. It’s been three years since then and I couldn’t be more happy and proud of that decision.

What can I do for you?

Obviously, I can be your wedding designer and paint some custom wedding invitations for your special day. You can also visit my e-shop where you can find many graphic design products for your wedding.
Here you have some reviews from the beloved couples who I’ve been working with:
“My favorite! I’m in love with her… And how to not be. I started thinking “I don’t want invitations because people will throw them” to say “I would do it again, they are gorgeous!!” And all thanks to you” Betina

“Ohh fantastic Claudia! We love them!” Cristina

“ohhhh they are lovely! I love them so much!!! I can’t wait to give them! Thaaaaaank you very much!!!! ” Ariadna

But if you are a wedding supplier we can also work together.
Since the first day of this adventure I’ve had the pleasure to meet many cool people and work for them. On our first shooting I met Cristina and Jessie. We quickly connected and I was so excited and glad when they asked me to help them with their new projects.
Cristina wanted to go to Milan to work as makeup and hair artist, so I designed her logo and set up a beautiful website and portfolio.
wedding makeup web design - cristina martinez milan artist
Jessie is also a hair and makeup artist, born in London and currently living and working in Ibiza. She wanted a wedding portfolio and a lifestyle blog, so I designed her personal and professional branding and websites.
jessie may young hair makeup artist ibiza london website
Charo Ruiz, Eventos el Columpio, Remedio Sin Receta, Marla Belleza and Event Crechers Ibiza are other wedding professionals that I’ve been helping during these months, and I really wish I can continue meeting amazing people and helping them as much as I can. I think it makes a great example of how the wedding world opens our hearts and we become all  friends who help each other.


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