Lorena & Jordi / Moncho’s Wedding

A passionate, irreverent, beautiful and fun couple for a wedding with the same adjectives. Red lips, heart nails, a lot of dancing and more loving.

I was travelling with Claudia along Morocco the first time Jordi contacted me, that was the first good sign. The second one was he being a friend of my friend Héctor, without doubt. First time I saw them I was completely sure this wedding was going to be special. They were thinking on organizing the ceremony as a bar terrace, a little less protocol a little more fun and good vives. Their friends were going to present the ceremony and they didn’t even know what was going to happen. They promiss beer at any minute of this party-wedding.
And that’s the way it was, there were old bathtubs with golden legs filled with ice and beer all over the place. The bride, Lorena, was such an spectacle that every guest, and even me, almost fall from our chairs when seeing her showing. She is a hairdresser and make up artist and she made it all of herself.
Her friend Sonia Tuneu designed the amazing dress, and Jordi was wearing a suit buyed online and adjusted by their friend, the stylist Fran Gómez. Red lips, unforgettable nails and an impressive slit in the skirt. A faultless suit with suspenders and with skulls in the back of the vest. Jimmy Choo heels during the ceremony but… I will always remember they appearing 5 minuts after it with brand new sneakers to celebrate.
The whole wedding tooke place at the Espacio Sol y Vida, a party place but also a agricultural social project. A different space filled with beautiful corners where everyone is super nice. It is placed in the Vallvidriera road, 10′ from Barcelona and with amazing views.
Moncho’s Catering were in charge of the food, it was an stending up dinner with different stans like it was street food, cheese table, mini-burguers, fideuá, rice, etc, etc, etc, so yummy and nice.
9 P.M. and everyone was already dancing, dance floor was not open yet but the band was playing hits and no one could resist. The newlyweds even singed with the band!!
What I loved most of this wedding, and I loved many things…, was the chemistry between them, is not just that they love each other, is that they like each other madly, they have terrific fun together, they madly dance, madly look at each other, madly spend time with their friends… I’m sure if you see them in the street, you will think, how cute those two, I bet they are on their second date, look at them… how they look at each other… but they are already marriend and they keep this same first date spirit.

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