A walk into the woods

Don’t you need to walk in the nature to get energy and conect with passion?

I do need it, I’ve knew it for a very long time but every time I go into the woods, I hear the sound of the river, I touch the flowers, I realize again that it’s an actual need for me. Does it happens to you?

Last week’s weekend I went to the Pirineos, the most important mountains in the north of Catalonia. I walked into the woods and had some relaxing time in the path. I played with the lights and shadows and with a mirror. It’s a little weird maybe… but watching nature in the mirror I connected with the truth of being part of it, I usually see myself when I look inside a mirror, and it was very nice realizing in a visual way of this reality.

I also eated healthy food, danced and laughed. And I came back to the island renewed and willing to have also time near the sea, to enjoy every minute the nature I have arround.

I love weddings in nature, I’m very happy about having some this summer at the beach and others into the woods. Today I had a meeting with a beautiful beautiful couple, they are getting married in an awesome place in the woods and I’m so so so excited about it. They are taking care of every detail and it will be a super wonderful day.

In wich kind of landscape would you like to celebrate your wedding?
















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