2016 Resolutions

2015  haS been a very short year for Lovers Love Loving, but it haS been pretty intense and full of illusion and achieved aims. For 2016 we ask EVERYTHING FROM the following list and, especially, to continue working with passion.

Our 12 resolutions for 2016 are:

1. To show everyday, (no matter what), that we love each other.


2. Take every opportunity we can to learn.


3. Make a trip. Or two.


4. Love ourselves.


5. Believe that we can, because we do.


6. Live every moment intensely.


7. Create beautiful things and moments.


8. Write letters by hand.


9. Get in touch with old friends.


10. Always see the glass half full. Full of champagne. (O cerveza jaja)


11. Discover something new.


12. Meet people (or animals) that makes our life better.

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