Hipster wedding design

Hipster style is still one of the main trends, so why don’t we talk about how it is reflected in graphic design? I’ve been collecting some examples from great designers to introduce the basics of ‘The Hipster Style’ and create a hipster wedding invitation example just for you 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!
Let’s start 🙂


Hipster means Sans Serif. You may already know about font categories, but in case you don’t know here you have a quick introduction:

There are two main groups of fonts, which at the same time are divided into many other categories. But the big division comes when we talk about ‘Serif’ or ‘Sans Serif’. To help you understand faster (this is not a graphic design class, I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed) Times New Roman is a Serif font, because it has this small lines tailing from the edges. When a typeface has no serifs, it is called ‘Sans Serif’, as for example Helvetica or Arial.

So in hipster designs we usually find ‘Sans Serif’ fonts. Here you have some examples of hipster fonts and their links to download free or purchase if that’s the case:

Montserrat font
Campton font
Gotham font


Sometimes we also use Slab fonts, which have a very geometric serif, like this one:

Airbag font

And if we want to play with different kind of typographies to create our design, we can combine these fonts with handwritten fonts such as:

true north font
True North


hipster script
hipster script


Black and white. Hipster style is very minimal, so we usually keep the logo in black or white and add a grunge texture or a background image to achieve a powerful look. But some designers can’t avoid color. Then the choice goes to bright pastels, such as THIS PINK, THIS YELLOW or THIS BLUE.


Do you know VSCO app? Those filters are hipster. Black and white pictures are on top, but if you want to use color it has to be unsaturated and with a vintage look. If you can add grunge texture and retro film effects, better.

hipster picture
Erik Berg by Whiskey & Mentine
Ibiza by Milena Guell
Ibiza by Milena Guell


Minimal again 🙂 Pictographyc styled illustrations are a must have in a hipster design. Trending themes are the sea, the mountain, foodies and travel icons.


Geometrics are very important. There is even a type of pattern that only hipsters use. I’m sure you have seen it somewhere:

Estel Sole
Estel Solé by Claudia Orengo


I’ve been mixing everything I explained to create a hipster wedding invitation 🙂 Hope you like the result!
hipster wedding invitation
hipster wedding invitation

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