Treasure map: wedding invitations for kids

Find out the kids wedding invitations that I designed for Betina & David.

Betina & David are getting married next September and they wanted their sons to enjoy their day as much as them. Since the beginning they asked me to introduce their sons into the stationery design, because they want to invite their friends and have a nice celebration all together.

After some brain storming we came up with the idea of the treasure map, a cool game for girls and boys in which they can play with adults too. With that idea in mind I designed a chest closed with golden sealing wax. When you open the invitation you can read a message from Thiago & Samuel inviting their friends to their parents wedding.


But that’s not all. To introduce the game that they will be playing during the party, every kid will receive a tiny bottle filled with sand and a part of a map. Joining them all together they will be able to complete the treasure map and start playing around to get the different clues that will help them discover the treasure.


For the people who has no kids we did a different invitation with the information about the wedding but following the same design concepts 🙂



Hope you like it!

So this is a clear example of what we can do for you. You know we just launched our wedding invitations shop, but if you still can’t find exactly what you are looking for, or if your story has something special that needs a custom design such as this one, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be glad to help you! 🙂


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  • No hemos podido encontrar mejor cabeza pensante y trabajadora como tú, estamos muy contentos con el resultado y cada invitación entregada es una alegría darla porque la cara de los niños y de los padres es genial y algunos ya me ven y me preguntan cuánto falta para la boda… Tienen muchas ganas de ir a descubrir ese tesoro . Así que ánimo a tod@s los que tenéis dudas en hacer algo distinto en hacerlo porque es algo que es muy personal y sabes que eso es único para tu boda y no habrá otro igual… Y por supuesto os animo a que las contraten porque sois geniales !!!

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