How to Customize Your Wedding in 5 Minutes

Imagine you can customize your wedding in only 5 minutes.

Keep reading because it’s possible!

But first…
How are the wedding plans going?
It seem surreal how many things you need to prepare, right?

Guest lists, mail addresses, design the wedding invitations, send them, rsvp, seating plan, the decoration, transport, the bouquet, the dress, the menu…
The list keeps growing and seems to never end.

And then try to combine all those tasks with your daily works & routines!

That’s why today I want to help you save time with my ideas to customize your wedding in only 5 minutes.

With Stamps!
Do you know how long it takes to print with a stamp?
3 seconds!

So calculate with me… For 100 guests:
1 minute = 60 seconds / 3 = 20 elements stamped each minute
So 100 / 20 = 5 minutes

There you have it… in only 5 minutes you can have any part of your wedding customized with your logo or design.
And there are more good news!

Your custom wedding stamp only costs 32€ in Lovers Love Loving

You can choose between many designs, add the changes you want of ask for a 100% new design!

And now let me show you some ideas of things that you can customize for your wedding in 5 minutes:

Estos son algunos de los elementos que podéis personalizar para vuestra boda en 5 minutos:

– Wedding invitations envelopes
– Menu
– Tags for your wedding favors
– Wrapping paper
– Small bags for details
– Place cards
– Seating Plan
– Thank you cards

Get your stamp today and start customizing your wedding with the fastest trick ever!

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