Revealing my creative process to design wedding invitations

Behind the scenes of my watercolor paintings & graphic design for wedding invitations.

What I most love about my creative process in wedding invitations design is its freedom. Although I follow a daily routine, I leave it so open that I can feel free to create from the heart every day.

As you may have noticed, Lovers Love Loving has been changing lately. We started being two, offering photography and design with a base in Ibiza but open to work worldwide. Since August I’m alone, I’m living in the desert (in Morocco), and I am opening the blog to many other creatives from the wedding world because my goal is to inspire you and help you find the best suppliers for your perfect wedding.

All these personal changes have not influenced my work. I feel lucky to have a job that requires so little and lets me work from any place in the world 😃. What I’ve been changing lately is adding some routine to my watercolor design process. And I must say that although I always thought I hate routines… I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT.

Claudia Orengo painting watercolors for wedding invitations designs
Painting watercolors for wedding invitations in Ibiza few months ago

So my creative process starts like this: every morning I do my hour of Miracle Morning (if you have never heart about it stay tuned because soon I’ll write about it). After an energetic shower and breakfast I seat outside under the sun and paint for around an hour. Usually I don’t have a clear goal, I just let my hands paint free. That’s amazing because like this I get different results every day, depending on my mood and inspiration.

Claudia Orengo painting watercolors for wedding invitations designs

The next step is to record this paintings and save them in my computer. If I’m inspired I will edit them and let them ready to be used in some designs, if not I will just keep them until the day I want to use them.

Usually right after every painting I start having ideas of what to create with them. So what comes next is to combine these illustrations with a nice lettering or font to design a new invitation. Finding the right colors, layout, font, papers, envelopes and details is super fun!

Claudia Orengo painting watercolors for wedding invitations designs

As you can see the process is very intuitive and fluid, I don’t force myself and that’s what makes me love it so much. Personally, I get bored very easily and this process helps me feel free to create without big goals or strict rules. Of course sometimes I create things I don’t like, and that’s OK, it’s part of the process. I’m very picky and I only select the best designs, the ones that I 100% LOVE. That’s why in my shop it’s not about Quantity but Quality. This motivates me and makes me wake up every day with energy and passion for my work 😃

To see more about my behind the scenes and daily creativity, you can follow @loversloveloving on Instagram.

Watercolor flowers painted by Claudia Orengo @loversloveloving
Watercolor paintings by Claudia Orengo @loversloveloving
If you want to know anything else about my creative process don’t hesitate to ask in the comments bellow or drop me an email, I’ll be glad to hear from you! I love happy emails 😃

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