Rose quartz wedding invitations

Pantone Rose Quartz unique wedding invitations handmade by Lovers Love Loving

Hi Lovers!
Today we want to share with you what came up from our rose quartz inspiration from last week. I designed this unique invitations using handmade rustic papers and envelopes painted by me with pink watercolors. rose quartz wedding invitationsThe clear paper adds the perfect touch and makes it very affordable, since we don’t need to use expensive techniques to print over the handmade paper. For those who don’t know, rustic papers can’t be printed as normal papers. You need special techniques such as silkscreen or stamping. That’s why this is an amazing solution for having a custom and pretty design if you are in a budget.

rose quartz wedding invitations

Still not sure? Send us a message with your wedding details and number of invitations and we will send you the prices! 🙂

rose quartz wedding invitations

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