DIY Tutorial: easy feathers crown

Hi lovers!
We’ve been working on our first tutorial for diy weddings ūüôā Super excited to share it with you!

We decided to start our DIY section by making a tutorial of how to make an easy feathers crown. It can be a great accessory for a hippie wedding in Ibiza, and it’s so easy that we wanted to show you how you can do it at home!

So let’s start by the¬†materials you will need:

diy tutorial feathers headband materials

  • 60cm of feathers ribbon color 1
  • 60cm of feathers ribbon color 2
  • 55cm of thick ribbon aprox 10cm width
  • 110cm of exterior ribbon (we picked yute but any nice ribbon can work)
  • fabric glue
  • scissors¬†‚úā








diy tutorial feathers headband materials

As you can see in the picture, you just need to glue the thick ribbon to the feathers ribbon you decided to go front and down. We are working on the back side, so remember to paste the back of the feathers! That way you will see the nice side once you turn your crown. In our case, we decided we wanted the brown feathers down and front, and the white ones back on top. We used Guttermann’s glue, but any fabric glue you find in your local crafts store may work as well. Just follow their instructions. With¬†Guttermann’s glue¬†we needed to wait few minutes between adding the glue and actually pressing¬†the two pieces to paste.


diy tutorial feathers crown materials

Once you finished pasting the ribbon to the first feathers, start over with the second ones. Remember they are going to be shown back from the first ones, so try to pick long feathers ūüėČ In the first step we added the glue over the fabric ribbon, but in this second step we need to glue also feathers with feathers. So don’t forget to add some glue over the first layer of feathers!

diy tutorial feathers crown materials

We reccommend you to work by parts. Do not paste the whole ribbon all in once. We did 3 or 4 parts in order to achieve a better result and to have time to add glue and actually paste it ūüôā


diy tutorial feathers crown materials

As easy as it sounds, just cut the excess of feathers you may have. For adult size we found it works well 55cm long plus the exterior ribbon to tie in the back. For kids, you may want to measure their head and do a shorter version.


diy tutorial feathers crown materials

Now it’s time to paste the exterior ribbon that¬†will decor the headband but at the same time will cover the ribbon from the feathers, which is usually not very nice… ūüôā Turn your headband so you can see the front side.¬†Add¬†washi tape at 27cm from the end of the ribbon to mark where you need to start pasting.


diy tutorial feathers crown materials

Because the exterior ribbon should be wider than the part we want to cover, it’s better to add the glue in the feather’s ribbon and paste it over as shown in the picture.


You will now be the trendiest hippie in your next boho wedding¬†‚ėģ

diy tutorial feathers crown materials


If you liked it, don’t forget to leave your comments and share it! We¬†are willing to know your opinion¬†‚̧

P.S: if you don’t know were to find the feather ribbon, you can ask us and we’ll be glad to help you ūüôā

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