BelénBoheme – all what you need for your boho wedding in Ibiza

BelénBoheme has everything you need: one of a kind wedding gown, bohemian dresses for bridesmaids, handmade decoration…

¿Impressed? Keep reading because the list continues…

Dear Lovers,
today I want to talk to you about BelénBoheme. If you are getting married in Ibiza, this is a Must Have. I’m impressed with everything they do and I’m sure you will be too…
This is how they introduce their brand:

BelénBoheme comes from the love for the sea, the field, the flowers, the freedom and the island of Ibiza.
We love the “effortless bride”, that’s why, if you want to stay away from conventional style, do you want to have your own word and your leif motif is “live and let live”, that’s your place!

Beach wedding decor in Ibiza by BelénBoheme
Photo: Youri Claessens –

This brand is defined by the boho chic style that we love in Ibiza and you can tell by their creations that everything they do is made by heart. Delicate in the details, is the perfect combination of bohemian style and handmade exclusivity.


Their bride gowns designs are romantic, natural and boho-chic. BelénBoheme’s bride is natural and free, and her dress could not be less. You will never find two dresses with the same design, each bride has her own unique gown and no one else will have it again. Don’t tell me that’s not amazing…

Boho chic Ibiza wedding gown in the beach - BelénBoheme
Photo: Youri Claessens –

I’m in love with this bridal dress and its colorful ethnic details. It also combines with many of their other creations, keep reading and you will understand what I mean!

Photo: Youri Claessens –

All their dresses are made by hand with natural fabrics like silk.


Vestidos de novia hechos a mano en Ibiza by BelénBoheme


They do not only help the bride but also all the guests. BelénBoheme bridesmaids are the most stunning girls of the wedding. Here you have some pictures from the Atzaro catwalk where they presented their latest collection.




As you can see their dresses are elegant but at the same time comfortable and “wearable” after the wedding. I would love to have them all! 😃


Flowepower Ibiza… Flowers could not be less than the protagonists of their bridal accessories. But if you are looking for something more minimal check their collection because I’m sure you will find the perfect accessory for your wedding hairstyle.

Floral crown for bohemian wedding in Ibiza by BelénBoheme
Photo: Youri Claessens –

As for their dresses, they never create two products with the same design, like this they can offer exclusive creations to their clients. And if you have any special idea in mind, don’t hesitate to contact them, they love making custom designs!



Yes… They also have accessories. I told you: BB has everthing! Belts, handmade wedding clutches, bridal shoes… Everything ooak!

Handmade with rustic materials and with a special care for little details.



And to finish, check their decoration products. With BelénBoheme you can bring the bohemian decor from your wedding to your daily life. All what they do is available for renting but you can also add it to your wishlist and have an amazing bohemian home decor.

Moto hecha con bambú natural en Ibiza por BelénBoheme

boho home decor by BelénBoheme

Their best sellers are the picnic baskets, equipped and ready to continue celebrating love in the nature.

beach picnic by BelénBoheme

beach picnic by BelénBoheme
Photo: Youri Claessens –

Cheers for Ibiza, cheers for love and cheers for BB!!

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