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When we started with LoversLoveLoving blog we quickly discovered Anna & Alba, the two sisters who five years ago launched A todo Confetti five years ago. We felt in love with their blog, but we also realized that my watercolor illustrations was perfectly matching her Heartmade wedding style, and yes… my personal brand too, which is actually named Heartmade!!!

That’s why today it’s an honor for me to share with you the questions I made to the sister’s of A todo Confetti so you can know them a little bit better. Here we go!

I would like to start this interview with the story of how A todo Confetti was born. What if you explain me the story from your personal points of view?

I was coming back from my honey moon when my sister proposed me by WhatsApp to start a blog where we could share all the ideas that we’ve been keeping from the wedding planning. Half seriously half joking we started that adventure that still continues today. Who could had told us five years ago how difficult would have been our life without A todo Confetti!

A todo Confetti was born unexpectedly. I had never thought about starting a blog but I just finished my architecture studies and it came up to my mind as a way to continue having something on my mind, which was perfect not only for me but also for my sister. The same Thursday when she was coming back from her honey moon I shared my idea with her. That weekend we created the design, on Monday we wrote our fist post and the next Thursday we went to a wedding convention in which we met Angi and Javi from Mr.Wonderful and many others. It’s been 5 years since then and it definitely was one of the best proposals I’ve ever done in my life.

Do you think there’s an A todo Confetti bride? How would you define her style?

Definitely exists the A todo Confetti bride or, how we like to call her, an authentic Heartmade bride. During all these years we’ve been defining the style of weddings made from the heart where the protocol and clichés stand aside. The brides that read our blog are looking for a casual and funny party to celebrate love without forgetting about fashion and care for the little details.

Entrevista a Alba y Anna de A todo Confetti

Entrevista a Alba y Anna de A todo Confetti

Getting married is an amazing experience but is also true that, due it’s something that we use to do only once in our life, most of the couples find themselves overwhelmed and lost during the planning process. Booking a wedding planner is the perfect solution, but for those who can’t have that budget, what would it be your advice?

There is no better secret to get the perfect results than working from the soul and the heart. It is mandatory for our heartmade weddings, where the only important thing is that those two people love each other and want to share that happiness with their beloved. This is the key to success.

Entrevista a Alba y Anna de A todo Confetti

Your blog is a source of inspiration not only for couples but also for other wedding professionals. Where do you find your own inspiration?

We find it on the daily life, the most important is to stay aware to any detail. Fashion & lifestyle magazines are always on our side table. And, of course, international website and social media to discover the new trends.

Entrevista a Alba y Anna de A todo Confetti

Social media are ideal for new ideas. Could you recommend 5 Instagram accounts?


You started five years ago with the blog. What were your expectations at that time? As for today, what are your plans for the next 5 years? What’s your life dream for A todo Confetti?

A todo Confetti was born with the mission to get distracted and have a place to showcase our inspiration and vision for weddings. Things grow rapidly and with them our time and implication on the project, so the blog went from hobby to full time job.
Our plans are to continue helping the brides with their wedding planning, helping other firms and suppliers to promote their services and create visual campains that refflect the essence of a bridal company.

And besides the blog? What do you enjoy the most from the wedding world? Alba, when we met you told me how much you love connecting and styling the future brides…

That’s one of the news for the upcoming year. We can’t tell you a lot about it because we are still cooking the idea but as scoop we will tell that the style of the bride and guests will be the protagonists of our new project. We hope we can tell you much more about it very soon 🙂

Entrevista a Alba y Anna de A todo Confetti

Entrevista a Alba y Anna de A todo Confetti

5 years after everything started, what would you pick as your favorite souvenir?

Without any doubt we choose the fact of sharing this experience TOGETHER. Although we are very different, having this common project in which we concentrate our passion for weddings has played an important role for our strong sister relationship. And that comes above all.

Entrevista a Alba y Anna de A todo Confetti

And to finish… let’s play “if I marry today…” how will your wedding be? Who will take care of the dress, the cake, decoration, photography, …?

it is very difficult to say and probably every day we would tell a different answer but as for today, if we would marry tomorrow it would be by the end of September to continue with our family tradition (that’s how our grandmother did, our mother and Anna) with a morning wedding in the mountains. Long sleeve dress with transparencies, very versatile to adapt it to the different parts of the wedding. Plumeti can’t miss the celebration, neither flowers and party lights. The floral bouquet will have many wild flowers, a velvet ribbon and some special detail.

About the professionals that would share with us our special day, there is no doubt, anyone who we’ve shared in our blog could be a perfect candidate because everything we recommend to our brides is what we would also pick ourselves.


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