Ideas for a rocker bridal outfit

it’s important to keep one’s identity while wearing a white bridal dress. if your soul and your style are strong, fun and daring, perhaps you should be a rock bride.

Actually, this is not a post to tell you, “you should be a rock bride”, nor “you should wear what I suggest”, is a post to tell you, “you show wear what ever you desire to wear”, you should play, dare, and most of all, be yourself while walking to the altar. You are going to remember this day forever, and you should remember it as the day you shined super bright being exactly who you are.

If you follow our instagram, you have seen lately pictures of Lorena and Jordi’s wedding, it was amazing! Next Tuesday I will finally share it with you, I’m so excited! And I wanted to create an outfit based in what Lorena inspires me, but turning it into more “myself”.


I have said it on the blog, and also on instagram, and I’m saying it again, Cortana is my favorite bridal brand in the world, especially for those sleep dress inspired dresses. I would live inside this one. Is amazingly elegant, simple and natural… and it’s so soft! TOP.

I will have this dress as a base to create the outfit, convining it with strong accessorize to create a game of contrasts.


Lorena weared red lips, and seeing her was an eureka moment, it was like “hell yes! why not?”. I really love a good nude make up, it makes de bride naturally pretty and she shienes bright, but I’m also a huge fan of red lips, my boyfriend says that when I wear them red it’s because this day I’m confident, happy and I like myself… And that’s exactly what a bride should feel. If you like yourself with red lips mode on, don’t feel like a bride can’t wear them… and dare! The make up in the picture is from Tom Ford collection, wich I love because of the quality and because of the strong images.


I felt like risking it too with the shoes to create this outfit, I love velvet and I love dark reds, those heels are from Saint Laurent and you can find them at Net-a-Porter, aren’t they awesome?

My feet hurts a lot when I try to wear heels, and I can not enjoy a party while being in pain, so I would do as Lorena did, to change the shoes after the ceremony. I’ve been loving sleepers since many years now, I think I would go for those from The Row, I’m in love! You can find them also at Net-a-Porter.


To convine bright and dark is the best for me, so as the lips and the shoes are rock and dark, I would like to wear a crown like this one. It’s created by Ani Bürech, I’m such a fan of her work, it’s personal, subtil, elegant and unique, I felt in love from the first time I discovered it.


Following again Lorena’s path, the jacket. Even in summer, nights tend to be fresh, so a jacket it’s a perfect partner. Lorena customized a jean one, I probably would go for a leather one. I’m in love with those wich Claudia paited for Jessie‘s daughters. Aren’t they the best?

I hope that you enjoyed the post,  I would love to know how would you like to dress!

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