Ideas for a tropical candy bar decoration

6 products that will help you decor a wonderful tropical candy bar for your wedding

Summer Fridays smell tropical. That’s why today I want to show you what I would use for a tropical candy bar decoration. Big palm leaves, colorful flowers, paradise birds… It sounds appealing, right? Then let’s go ahead with it 🙂

First of all let’s talk about the background. I’ve selected my favorite wallpaper designed for Lara Costafreda in collaboration with Coordonne, a spanish wallpaper firm in which Milena was working not long ago.

papel pintado lara costafreda coordonne
Tropical wallpaper – Lara Costafreda for Coordonne


Another decoration for the wall can be one of my handmade woven wall hangings. I weave with feathers to create unique colorful tapestries for wall decoration. This one can add the perfect tropical touch to your candy bar setting.

woven feathers wall hanging tropical
Woven feathers wall hanging –


Now let’s go to the food and table. What if I tell you that you can welcome your guests with an amazing cocktail that will totally make the difference with any other party they have ever been before? With the amazing Catering 21deMarzo that’s possible. Do you see this picture? They are cocktails. Incredible, right?

welcome cocktail tropical
Welcome cocktail – 21 de Marzo


Paper napkins are a must have in every sweet table. There is a world in napkins design, so any tropical themed one will work. I’m in love with this paradise birds design that you can buy from La Fiesta de Olivia e-shop ♥

Tropical birds napkins – La fiesta de Olivia


But a candy bar needs some sweet. I found this amazing cake made by Sugar Bee Sweets with tropical flowers. Is one of my favorites. I would totally book them for my tropical party 🙂

tropical wedding cake
Tropical wedding cake – Sugar Bee Sweets


And last but not least, hand painted dishes by A Zarraluqui are my favorites. Follow her on instagram to see all what she is doing, she really is an amazing artist! I can’t wait to see her new upcoming website 🙂

plato pintado a zarraluqui
Tropical dishes – A Zarraluqui


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