Wedding Hair: Breaking rules

Breaking the rules is the new rule and weddings are not an exception. Wedding hair is no longer restrictive and today we bring some amazing ideas.

While working with Jessie you can’t avoid to feel this connection with all that hair can be. Wedding hair is an statement on who we are. And we are not following rules anymore. We’ve been looking for the best inspiration outside the wedding world to have the best hair in your best day.

1. The new hair-up

Hair-up may be the most traditional hair but, while adding those naive braids, your look will be tremendously bohemian and cute at the same time.


2. Beach waves

Doesn’t it makes perfect sense for a wedding  in Ibiza? Beach waves are one of our favorites, as you may have deduced by our work. They just girls look natural pretty as if they just woke up like this. It’s so confortable and you can ad a flower crown and become a fairy!


3. Short hair

I’m a huge fan of short hair, it looks like if brides have to always have long hair and that is not true at all. I’m letting my hair grow longer now but I know, at the end, that I will go back to short hair. Every time I wear this kind of long-bob I feel so elegant and classy. Like a mix between a bohemian and Parisienne.


4. Timeless

Speaking about classy and Parisienne, sometimes the newest is to reinvent the oldest. If you dare to have a 40’s hair like in the following black and white picture, or even to cover it with a vintage turban, your look will be amazing and unforgettable!


5. Messy

Effortless-chic is a strong trend and I can see why. This messy hair will make you feel so confident about your truest beauty and will make you shine. You’ll be stunning with this kind of hair-stile and your wedding dress. Just get sure about having the right hairdresser behind to make it an absolute win!



6. Bohemian braided wedding hair

This is so Lovers Love Loving. Braids up, braids down, I just love them. Did you see the amazing one, filled with paniculate flowers that Jessie did for our Intimacy shooting? I won’t forget this hair! This option it’s a must either if you are getting married or being a guest in a bohemian wedding.


Which one is your favorite?

Have a nice weekend, Lovers!



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