I’m Claudia Orengo, the creative mind behind Lovers Love Loving.

Hola!! Soy Claudia Orengo, la mente creativa tras Lovers Love Loving.

I am a secret romantic, well I don’t think is that much of a secret anymore… And working with couples who are in love and excited to share their best day with their family and friends is such an honor to me.

I believe every wedding is unique, and I want to help you make from your beautiful love story an unforgettable memory for both you and your guests. Custom stationery is a timeless keepsake, and working together hand by hand we can get as creative as you want to design something that is uniquely yours.

Desde ilustraciones personalizadas de la iglesia o las flores de la boda, a materiales de ensueño, lettering y caligrafía a mano, aquí me tenéis!

From custom illustrations of your wedding bouquet or venue, to new materials, lettering and calligraphy; I’m here to make your paper dreams come true!