Invitaciones para tu boda

Poppies invitations | Passion red


Printed invitations in a beautiful white textured paper so that the watercolor illustrations look like painted over the paper.

Included: Envelopes with multiple colors to choose from.

Sizes: 20 x 14 cm

How does it work?

  1. Choose the options you want bellow.
  2. Once your order is confirmed, you’ll receive instructions on how to send us your wedding information and texts.
  3. We’ll send you a digital proof with your custom text, and once we receive your final OK we’ll send it to production.
  4. In a few days you’ll have your invitations at home!

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Red is the color of passion and love, the two main ingredients of a good celebration. This hand-painted watercolor design will make you have an entire garden in your hands. Feel the smell of the flowers, feel the spring in your heart.

Custom wedding invitations. Perfect for an outside wedding filled with passion.

Botanical design with hand poppies leaves and hand script style typography.

Surprise your guests with those nature inspired invitations, with a hand-painted design, but without losing the comfort of online shopping.

At the moment, there are just the invitations available in the e-shop, if you are interested in the other pieces of the stationery, write us an email and we’ll be happy to come back to you and inform!