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RESERVED (Joan & Maria Magdalena)


A personalized wedding wax seal for Joan & Maria Magdalena.

The stamp has a circular shape, it measures 30mm and comes with a wooden handle.

How does it work?

1) Select the options you want to customise your seal.
2) Complete the order.
3) In 24-48h I’ll send you a digital proof with your info by email.
4) When I receive your confirmation, I’ll send it to production.
In few days you’ll receive your personalised wax seal!

Extra materials:
You can use it with traditional wax, but I personally prefer the modern version in bars because it’s easier to use and you waste less material.

You can get here bars in dark red, silver and gold (not exactly the same gold tone as the mockup images). You can also purchase the heat gun in case you don’t have it.

Each kit of wax bars includes 4 bars of 12mm, which can give you approximately 60 wax stamps.


– If you want to purchase the complete kit, you can get here the wax bars and heat gun.
– You can get wax bars in dark red, silver or gold (not exactly the same gold tone as the mockup images).
– You can use any kind of wax: traditional or modern bars.
– You can customise it with your info.

Customize your stamp

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